Geir Johnson tildelt ærespris i Vietnam

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Grunnlegger og kunstnerisk leder for Transposition, Geir Johnson, er tildelt ærespris og medalje av Vietnams Kulturdepartement for hans innsats for kultursamarbeidet mellom Norge og Vietnam gjennom 10 år.

Prisen ble utdelt i Kulturdepartementet i Hanoi av visekulturminister Le Khanh Hai, og Transpositions partnere og stab var stolte tilstede på seremonien. – Dette ser vi som en stor anerkjennelse for Johnson, og hele Transposition-programmet, sier en entusiastisk Steinar Larsen, daglig leder i TrondheimSolistene.

Den Kongelige Norske ambassaden i Hanoi gratulerer Geir Johnson og Transposition. Geir Johnson selv håper anerkjennelsen fra kulturministeriet i Vietnam kan lede til en fortsettelse for Transposition.

Det er selvsagt en ære å bli satt pris på av et annet lands regjering, sier Johnson. – Å arbeide med Vietnams største musikkinstitusjoner har vært en stor opplevelse, både faglig utfordrende, menneskelig givende og kunstnerisk stimulerende gjennom samtlige ti år. Transposition har oppnådd … Read More »

Nobel Myanmar Literary Festival

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The first Nobel Myanmar literary festival was held in Yangon January 17th-19th. The festival was supported by The Swedish Postcode lottery and Hedda foundation. It was the first time such a huge event was arranged in Myanmar all organized by writers from Myanmar and made for the people of the country. And they came. In thousands, perhaps more than 20 000 took part in the event. Old and young, students, monks, everybody wanted to participate, listen to writer’s presentations, debates and use the opportunity to buy books.

The opening speech was held the President Thein Sein and read out for the audience at the National Theater by the Union Minister U Aung Min. The newspaper The Global New Light of Myanmar wrote: “The Presidential message continued that lack of literature would lead to a society with heads but no brains, in which … Read More »

HEDDA launches cultural program for Myanmar

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The goal of the program is to support music, literature and culture in Myanmar for performing artists, to provide a road to build pride in cultural plurality and an open society as prerequisites for building a resilient society that is open and inclusive and operates with integrity. This program will seek to establish contact with relevant partners in the process. As part of the objective to strengthen the cultural heritage, we will support establishment of music schools and House of Literature as a long term investment in the future of the country.

One of the most important and urgent goals will be to restore the music schools of Gitameit to make them capable fully to offer a place where the most promising youth of the country can develop their musical skills. Today the school buildings in Yangon are almost falling apart, … Read More »