Statutes for the Hedda Foundation

§ 1 Objects

The objects of the Hedda Foundation are to foster human rights, equality, democracy and development through artistic projects and programmes.

§ 2 Board

The foundation’s board shall consist of between five and seven members. Board members are to be elected freely. Board members must share the fundamental views upon which Hedda is based.

Decisions by the board are reached by a simple majority. In the event of a parity of votes, the chair of the board has the casting vote. A board meeting must be held whenever at least two members so request. In all other respects, the chair of the board may call a meeting whenever there is a need to do so. Valid decisions may also be made outside board meetings, e.g. by telephone and/or written contact between the members. Such decisions must be unanimous.

The board may specify that the general manager shall deal with minor matters and reject cases clearly falling outside the realm of Hedda’s objectives.

Minutes are to be kept of the board’s discussions and decisions.

§ 3. Duties of the board

The board shall

  1. appoint members to the board pursuant to the objects of the foundation,
  2. elect the chair and deputy chair of the board,
  3. represent Hedda externally together with the director and be responsible for ensuring that the foundation and its property are managed in a satisfactory manner,
  4. approve the initiation and implementation of the foundation’s projects and programmes, as well as being responsible for ensuring that these are carried out and reported on in a satisfactory manner,
  5. appoint the director
  6. appoint the accountant and determine the instructions governing this position,
  7. elect an auditor, who shall be either registered or government authorised,
  8. approve the annual report and accounts,
  9. determine the board members’ fee,
  10. otherwise make any decisions necessary to ensure Hedda’s activities.

§ 4 Director

The board shall appoint a director and determine the director’s work instructions and remuneration. The director is responsible for day-to-day management of the foundation’s activities, and shall comply with the guidelines and orders issued by the board. The director shall ensure that the foundation’s activities are carried out in compliance with the board’s decisions, and that the foundation’s financial statements are prepared in accordance with applicable legislation. The director shall represent the foundation externally in matters related to day-to-day management of the foundation.

§ 5 Original capital

The foundation’s original capital is NOK 100,000.

§ 6 Amendments to the articles of association

These articles of association may be amended in accordance with the provisions laid down in the legislation governing foundations.